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The talent cohort has benefited tremendously from your group and individual
coaching sessions and your generous sharing of insights and knowledge. In
particular, the cohort had enjoyed the numerous intellectual sparring sessions and the
way you challenged their thought processes to come up with innovative and yet
pragmatic solutions to address the current business situations and issues that they
were facing. In addition, the exchanges were often tempered with a high level of
emotional support and encouragement from you which helped them to remain focused
when the going got tough.

The “Managerial Coaching Skills” Workshop which you had successfully facilitated
has allowed the SLT members to leverage a fully developed coaching model which
enables them to immediately implement in the workplace resulted in the development
of a coaching culture within Prasarana.
The Group Executive Coaching sessions as well as Individualised Executive Coaching
for selected members of the SLT members have raised their standards for constructive,
collaborative conversations with their respective teams, and they have developed
practical business-based skills and competencies. This has not only shaped the 4
individual leader’s performance but also, increasingly build broader organizational

You have provided me with the understanding and tools to make informed decisions
about my future, managing key relationships and the future of our business. Your
guidance through a process of diagnosis and prompting to focus on solutions to
problems or managerial leadership challenges allow me to be effective in my current
and future leadership roles.
The Executive Coaching support has been instrumental towards the improvement of my
effectiveness in interactions with my employees, peers, and senior management team.
In my interactions, you have been able to demonstrate the uncanny ability to quickly
identifying the salient points of any situation and partnering with me in formulating a
strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing executive coaching for
one of our Global Senior Vice President. Thanks to your cross-cultural coaching the
said senior leader could, in his new role, bridge the cultural gap and better work to
meet the company expectations. He could feel and understand the impact of cultural
differences in his new challenge and he learned how to build a good relationship with
collaborators emphasizing cooperation, group goals and harmony in his new working

Based on our various interactions and mentee feedback, it is amply clear that the
engagement was highly valued-add ing in terms of self-reflection about leadership
styles and learning techniques to adapt them based on different people and situations.
Your open, honest, direct style of interaction has been very helpful in quickly gaining
relevant insights. At the same time, your support in sharing and applying critical tools
to manage different levels of influence and impact has also been helpful to shorten the
learning curve in the mentees’ leadership development journey.

The extensive case studies of global leading organizations including Microsoft, Netflix, Starbucks
and DBS Digital Banking highlights the importance of the leaders’ role in both creative disruption
and disruptive innovation by connecting resources and people adeptly to build an innovation-driven
and customer-centric culture to develop and implement digital transformation agendas within their
The Action Learning Workplace Project as part of the Post-Workshop Assignment enables the
participants to implement the newly acquired leadership skills and tools at a rapid pace within their
organization and, crucially, to adapt quickly to change by adopting a ‘disruptive digital mindset’ and
lead the disruption of their organization again and again to ensure their sustainability in the highly
competitive era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).

The Action Learning-based Workplace Project, where the participants were required to work on
specifically designed project teams, have been found by them to be extremely useful as they were able
to immediately apply newly-acquired leadership practices for multidimensional problem-solving to
important challenges and opportunities facing their organizations.
The participants also valued the series of contemporary and practical case studies that were
introduced throughout the programme which were relevant to their circumstances. The programme
curriculum includes breakthrough academic research from the latest book, “Leadership in Disruptive 
Times” (2020), which the participants have found to be critical in developing their agility in
navigating the complexity of leading in an era of the highly disruptive and digital-driven workplace.

One valued aspect of the Masterclass is the highly contemporary, practical and relevant nature of
the programme to our business. The highly experiential course utilises a dynamic blend of skilled
instructor presentation and individual as well as group skill practice in each of the concepts
presented, using real business concerns, issues and challenges brought by participants.
The introduction of multiple critical thinking process tools (including Cognitive Readiness, RED
Model, Phoenix Checklist and Force Field Analysis) allows our leaders to look at problems
comprehensively and make well-thought-out recommended action plans and effective decisions. The
participants can use the processes they learned to apply to ongoing business challenges they faced in
leading their respective teams toward achieving our organisation’s mission, vision, strategic intent,
goals and KPIs.

The practical case studies and important lessons you impart across the intensive modules; together
with the systematic and fact-based approach of the programme, allow for a deep understanding of
the best practices and the pertinent leadership practices that can be immediately applied to our daily
work. The learnings are not just critical to our organisation’s digital transformation needs, but also
each participants’ professional and personal leadership development.
I would recommend CEE and DLI for any organization looking to develop its senior leadership team.
The lessons are practical and the learnings profound. The programme has put us in good stead to
deliver on our responsibilities as leaders; as we push forward through challenges and embrace new
opportunities that the digitally charged era of Industry 4.0 offers us.

“We would like to express our most sincere appreciation for you taking some of your
valuable time in providing the webinar for our Banking and Financial Services Union
Your ‘Influence with Authority’ session had benefitted our members immensely. Fresh
graduates who have just entered the workforce had provided positive feedback, and even the
more experienced staff had gleaned something valuable from your session. The lessons
learned will come in useful during the day-to-day function within their companies!
On behalf of the team, I wish you all the best for your future undertaking and thank you once
again for the enriching session for our members.”

I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your sharing. It is highly relevant,
thought-provoking and was well-received by our members, many of whom are
professionals and business leaders. The Q&A session was dynamic and intense. I am
certain that our members have benefited tremendously from this sharing.
The primary takeaway from the session is how to prepare for a prolonged adjustment to
the current COVID-19 pandemic and how leaders can be prepared to make the
necessary shift in the manner they are leading and engaging the team in the “new
normal” of the post-pandemic workplace. The case studies and examples used during
the session were also useful.”

“We appreciate you personally taking the time to provide us with the timely information that
you shared. The positive responses to the symposium reflect The Disruptive Leadershis
Institute’s acceptance and credibility at the international level. The attendees’ opinions about
your presentation were all in agreement: You have exceeded in meeting our expectations.
Here are a few of the comments that attendees shared:
I so enjoyed my time with Professor Sattar Bawany recently interacting with him on his
ideas on Leadership in Disruptive Times. This new book, by the same name, is thought-provoking
and timely, as we have not lived through more disruptive times in recent
generations. Professor Bawany is a warm and entertaining speaker and writer and I would
highly recommend this work His presentation gave insight on the timely
topic of disruptive leadership. His material was
useful to our current business needs. His presentation style was engaging
He was friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, and relaxed
Once again, thank you for making the DBU Tech Symposium successful, and we appreciate
your ongoing and continued support.

“We have benefitted from your extensive knowledge of the related subjects of Leadership
Organizational Behaviour with the various examples which are contemporary, practical and 14
relevant to our roles as business leaders, allow us to implement the frameworks and models taught
within our organization. We appreciate your ability to reach out to all participants with your
thought-provoking insights on Disruptive Leadership in this Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex, and
Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. We are also very grateful for your generosity to share vast
numbers of quality research-based published articles and videos relevant not only to the programme
but also to our leadership and professional development. The contemporary case studies analysis of
leading global organizations provide the best practices tools, approaches, and practices that enable
the participants to develop ‘disruptive digital leadership’ competencies and capabilities to improve
business acumen and personal leadership effectiveness that impact effective problem solving and decision
making on the business challenges that are being faced at work.”

“I have been formally trained in some of the best institutions in the United States to include
US military flight school, whereupon completion I flew over 50 combat missions over Iraq
and Afghanistan as a Helicopter Aircraft Commander. Needless to say, I have a high
standard in regards to training and Professor Bawany masterfully weaves “VUCA”
principles into his deep insight of leadership qualities creating training that far exceeds
expectations and is immensely valuable to all leaders who inevitably will be faced with
decisions of disruption no matter the industry.
The level and nature of Professor Bawany’s training are exceptional as he continually
utilizes concrete exercises, practical examples and provides excellent analysis. His work
is some of the most professional training I have ever encountered and as the Executive
Director of AIT Extension, I look forward to future engagement and training opportunities
from/with Professor Bawany and his Disruptive Leadership Institute.”

“You had successfully helped to communicate to our members the processes, issues, and
challenges of managing digital transformation in organisations especially in the context
of post COVID19. Many of our members had conveyed their sincere appreciation for such
a unique opportunity to join and participate in the webinar and to hear from a
distinguished speaker. Your ability to simplify a complex subject is truly admirable. The
active engagement that ensued is a testament to the success of the webinar.
The presentation and interaction thereafter were engaging, demonstrating the broad
knowledge of strategy and management expertise that you possess which could be brought
down for practical application to small and medium-sized companies. We are also very
grateful for your generosity to share vast numbers of quality corporate examples and
experiences. The disruptive digital mindset is now firmly embedded in the members who
had attended the webinar. Thank you for contributing to the development of our SICCI  members and I hope there
will be a future opportunity for the Chambers to engage your services once again.”

“The College of Human Resource Management (CHRM) located in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa would like to
express our sincere gratitude to you for your excellent facilitation at the Board Essentials Program.
Your presentation on ‘Leading the Board through Times of Disruption and Crisis’ was
highly informative, exciting, engaging and truly enlightening. You were able to use
relatable case studies that the trainees will apply relevance to, in their professional
endeavours. Your Training method accompanied by your enthusiastic and energetic
approach provided a perfect learning environment during this session.
We are grateful for your time and we can confidently say that you delivered beyond our
expectations and we will not hesitate to work with you on similar training in future.”

“The workshop attendees found that the program provided a clear understanding of
high-performing team, best practices and practical strategies that they can implement at the
workplace. The interactive nature of the program engaged attendees to be involved in their
own learning experience through various activities from self-reflections to team dynamics.
Through the interaction, attendees were able to internalize the characteristics of the High-Performing
Team elaborated in the excellent SCORE™ Framework, enhance critical
thinking and disengage what has hitherto been obstacles to be a high performing team.
Thank you again for such a thoughtful and excellent learning experience!”

“Based on the feedback from the C-Suite leaders, as well as from my observations as the
CEO and Sponsor, both CEE and you as the Coach have exceeded our expectations for
such a coaching engagement.
Today, the C-Suite leaders have someone they can talk to, discuss facts with, and get clear,
concise, “right-on” feedback that they can take and immediately implement. Your advice
is always spot on! They have learned to have confidence in your counsel because it works.
Both CEE and your approach is all about results and relationships and keepsthem focused
on these high leverage areas. Your invaluable insights come from the rare combination of
being a seasoned and successful global executive development practitioner, having solid
academic credentials, and a strong track record of coaching and consulting experience as
evidenced by others that you have helped.
We would highly recommend you as an Executive Coach to any organization that would
like to transform their senior leadership team and developing a next-generation leadership

On behalf of PETRONAS Leadership Centre, I would like to thank you for facilitating
the first of our series of Knowledge Café on the theme ‘authentic leadership’.
We believe the Knowledge Cafe achieved its primary objective of triggering conversation
on what authenticity is, why our leaders need to be authentic, and how they can create
authentic relationships at the workplace. The references you provided during your
presentation enable our participants to move forward in their self-determined learning
and make progress in improving their competency in being authentic.
Thank you for a thought-provoking session of Knowledge Cafe. I wish you the best for
your future undertaking and look forward to hearing you speak again.”

“I am pleased to share that we have received very positive feedback from the participants
for the 2 workshops for our Singapore Management Team.
Generous amounts of information were shared, as well as dialogues for brainstorming
sessions. Everyone had a refreshed outlook at different leadership styles and there was a
lot more collaboration. In terms of delivery style, they felt that the facilitator was engaging
and the programme was well structured. It also provided relevant tools and knowledge
that can be applied in their respective business and professional situations scientifically
and practically.
Overall, the programme exceeded their expectations. Thank you for contributing to the
development of our team and I look forward to future collaboration with you in terms of
our learning needs.”

“I would like to take a moment to show our appreciation for the excellent work done
throughout the delivery of the workshop “Developing High Performance Leadership”.
Our company and our brand are committed to delivering exceptional customer service.
Our passion for excellence has been complemented perfectly well with the management
concepts and the applications done during the three days course. You have successfully
sent across our team the importance of leadership effectiveness on organizational success
and taught the team how to develop Emotional Intelligence, which is also in line with our
internal training on the importance of Emotional Intelligence as a crucial element to
deliver the best service to our guests.
The split sessions and the personal follow-ups done have been highly effective. Your
commitment to the objectives originally set has translated into an engaging and positive
course that had a very satisfactory impact on the team. I have only received positive
feedback from the team, it was a great learning experience for all of them.”

“My congratulations to Professor Bawany for his new books, Leadership in Disruptive Times. This
is a significant book, and its theme is overdue, particularly when severe disruptions are brought
about by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.
When times are good, solutions often come easy and straightforward. However, when rapid changes
brought about by unexpected disruption, it is not clear if a solution even exists, let alone a good one.
It takes an exceptional leader who has experienced disruptive times before to offer us insights and
visions to move forward, and quality to be an effective leader.
Readers will benefit enormously from Professor Bawany’s new book, and it is my firm belief thatthis
pioneering book will be acknowledged as classic textbook/reference in leadership in disruptive

“All of a sudden, a deadly pandemic is at the centre of unprecedented worldwide disruptions.
Inadvertently, the Covid‐19 has left organisations with little or no choice but to take the big leap
towards digitalization.
Prof. Sattar Bawany’s latest book on ‘Leadership in Disruptive Times’ is a timely sequel to his first
publication, ‘Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders: Developing Future Leaders for a
Disruptive, Digital‐Driven Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)’.
In his latest offering, Prof. Bawany recognised the need for organisations to include digital
leadership competencies for them to successfully implement transformative initiatives in a highly
disruptive environment. He also examines the attributes and competencies of disruptive leadership
as they maneuver through the disruptions caused by the Covid‐19 and the post-pandemic digital
transformation in meeting the needs of the new normal. In developing successful organizational
leadership in the new world order, this book provides valuable guidance and direction on the future
way forward.”

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