“You had successfully helped to communicate to our members the processes, issues, and
challenges of managing digital transformation in organisations especially in the context
of post COVID19. Many of our members had conveyed their sincere appreciation for such
a unique opportunity to join and participate in the webinar and to hear from a
distinguished speaker. Your ability to simplify a complex subject is truly admirable. The
active engagement that ensued is a testament to the success of the webinar.
The presentation and interaction thereafter were engaging, demonstrating the broad
knowledge of strategy and management expertise that you possess which could be brought
down for practical application to small and medium-sized companies. We are also very
grateful for your generosity to share vast numbers of quality corporate examples and
experiences. The disruptive digital mindset is now firmly embedded in the members who
had attended the webinar. Thank you for contributing to the development of our SICCI  members and I hope there
will be a future opportunity for the Chambers to engage your services once again.”

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