“We have benefitted from your extensive knowledge of the related subjects of Leadership
Organizational Behaviour with the various examples which are contemporary, practical and 14
relevant to our roles as business leaders, allow us to implement the frameworks and models taught
within our organization. We appreciate your ability to reach out to all participants with your
thought-provoking insights on Disruptive Leadership in this Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex, and
Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. We are also very grateful for your generosity to share vast
numbers of quality research-based published articles and videos relevant not only to the programme
but also to our leadership and professional development. The contemporary case studies analysis of
leading global organizations provide the best practices tools, approaches, and practices that enable
the participants to develop ‘disruptive digital leadership’ competencies and capabilities to improve
business acumen and personal leadership effectiveness that impact effective problem solving and decision
making on the business challenges that are being faced at work.”

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