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At the Centre for Executive Education (CEE), our mission is to assist leaders in the commercial, public, and non-profit sectors towards developing their readiness to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic era of a digital-driven world of work. Together with our research affiliate, the Disruptive Leadership Institute (DLI), which places cutting-edge research at its core, we produce rigorous, independent thinking to offer fresh perspectives on managing the leadership and organizational challenges in a highly disruptive and everchanging workplace of the future.

Combining the power of innovative research techniques with a deep understanding of our client’s industries, our team of researchers and analysts from our extended global network of established human resource management and executive development consulting firms, including our strategic partner, Executive Development Associates (EDA), we publish best practices and benchmarking research reports, articles and points of view every year. EDA’s thought-provoking biennial Report on Trends in Executive Development allows us to offer real-world solutions for our clients.

The future of work is now. Digitalization and globalization have sparked radical shifts in how we live and work. The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has accelerated these beyond anything we could have imagined.

The Disruptive Leadership Institute (DLI) Quarterly Research Briefing Series published exclusively for our clients, provide policymakers, business leaders, and academician a fact base to stimulate discussion on the future of work which is a key the contemporary area of debate both in business and management research, but also in wider social, political and economic discourse.

Each Briefing Note includes global issues including the aging workforce, gig economy, workplace automation, changing forms of business ownership, and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is all regularly the subject of debate in both academic research and the mainstream media, with wider professional and public policy implications.

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The Trends in Executive Development Benchmark Report published by
Executive Development Associates Inc. (EDA) has been the leading compilation of research for organizations across the globe to benchmark their executive and high potential development practices.

After more than 30 years of research and reports, it has become a trusted resource and industry benchmark created for talent and leadership development professionals as well as executives who believe in
developing their organization’s talent in a way that they become a competitive

The 2019 study was based on the direct input of those who oversee the development of the organization’s leaders for 270 medium and large organizations as well as the insights and analysis of executive development experts and executives. Our team of contributors has decades of combined expertise across an array of business landscapes.

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The “Inspiring Your Future Workforce: How to Lead and Engage Gen Y and Z
Effectively” Research Report highlighted the attributes that distinguish Gen Z and Gen Y employees from a talent management perspective. This study provides an insightful picture and practical recommendations of what Singapore employers can use to inspire, motivate and engage this newest generation as part of their overall talent recruitment and retention strategy.

The study queried both Gen Y and Z respondents whose views were obtained via an online survey and the results further validated during focus group interviews. The study both confirmed and dispelled stereotypes about Gen Y
who are also known as the Millennials – who increasingly are making up a larger part of today’s workforce; and also shed new insights on Gen Z who are on the verge of joining the corporate world.

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